Modern Stone Fireplace Renovation

This modern stone fireplace renovation has a simple, modern linear design with a travertine stone surround and wall mounted tv is exactly what this Calgary client was looking for. They were wanting to renovate their living room fireplace and the surrounding tile to update the look.

calgary stone fireplace renovation

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The Renovation Story

We first met with the client to come up with a design which is something we really enjoy! After the meeting we had a style worked out, sketches drafted and materials selected. Then we ordered the materials and got demolition underway. Once the old fireplace elements were removed the fun part began . We framed the walls with steel studs and cladded them with concrete boards. In general this step isn’t mandatory but eliminates the concern of using combustible materials.

A modern fireplace renovation requires planning

Before we closed it in, the client asked to be able to wall mount their tv and to incorporate a shelf for their soundbar speaker. No problem! We added blocking in the wall to support the weight of the tv and conduit to run the wires. Hearth Fireplace Depot supplied the fireplace, installed the unit with the proper ventilation and gas line, then had it inspected. Keep in mind, a licensed gas fitter must apply for the permit and install all gas line connections.

Travertine stone, a welcome change in this modern renovation

It was exciting to hear that they wanted to use silver cut travertine as it’s nice to work with something different (porcelain tile is usually the more popular choice). The stone alone is a piece of natural art and stands on its own, without any other embellishments. Linear fireplaces have become quite popular in recent years and this Montigo gas fireplace looks amazing! We definitely thought that this stone fireplace renovation was a welcome update to the space with a more modern look. To check out another example of a tv above a fireplace click here.


  • Travertine fireplace surround
  • Hidden conduit for wall mount tv
  • Built in shelf for speaker
  • Linear gas fireplace

BUDGET: $10,000


This is a list of the companies that worked with us on this renovation.