Our Process

Interested in a renovation for your home but not sure how to get started? Every project is different, but there is a similar order of operations that takes place every time. We’ve outlined the key points to help give you a better idea of what to expect when embarking on this exciting journey.

First things first; gather together your ideas and inspirational images then give us a call!


We are more than happy to come see the space of your project in person so we can get a better idea of your vision and what you would like to have done. We love the design process just as much as construction, and often help guide our clients to their final plan, so don’t feel that you need to already have all of the decisions made before meeting with us.

It helps if you’re able to tell us what kind of budget you have in mind as we are often able to tell you right away if what you would like to have done is realistic for the amount you’d like to spend.

final cut creations


Once we’ve spoken to you about your ideas we will take measurements and photos to help us come up with an estimate. To get a rough idea of what the project will cost we will use middle-of-the-road fixture prices.

Detailed Quote

If you are satisfied with the estimate price and would like to move forward then we will make appointments with sub-trades to come in and quote the project. We will help you when it comes to choosing fixtures, flooring, lighting, etc. The selections should be fairly definitive in order to make the quote accurate for you.

Signed Contract

Once you are happy with the quote then we will draw up a contract to be signed, as well as prepare drawings, apply for any necessary permits (if applicable) and agree on a start date. The contract will outline in detail the work that is to be done as well as a payment schedule, based on milestones. Scheduling payments this way helps protect both the client as well as the contractor.

Drawings & Permits

If you don’t have drawings already, that’s ok. We can prepare drawings for both the design process and the permit application if necessary. Depending on the type of project, permits are required and every municipality has code requirements that need to be met. The permit ensures that the project will be inspected throughout the construction process. We handle all aspects of the permit process, from application to final inspection. Sometimes, you just might want drawings to help visualize what the design will look like once it’s complete. We work hand in hand with both interior designers and architects who can build those visual aids and can help you create your dream. So from permit plans to 3D renderings, we want to be a part of the vision you have imagined.


The project has started! We will keep you informed of how things are progressing as well as any sub-trades that will be on site. If any issues arise we will notify you immediately and work to get them resolved as quickly to keep the project on track.

We strive to be as flexible as possible if there are changes you would like to make once work has started, although depending on the situation there may be costs involved.


The project is finished, we have cleared out our tools, the space is clean, but most importantly you are completely satisfied with the results! Only then do we receive our final payment. We offer a one-year warranty on all work.


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