Custom Built In Library Renovation

custom bookcase library

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The Renovation Story

The clients reading room used to be walled off from the living room. The living room was quite dark during the day and so the client thought it would be great to install a set of glass doors that would allow beautiful natural light from the reading room into the living room. In addition to that, the request was to build custom bookcases beside and around the door opening. As a result the client ended up with a custom built in library renovation. We love getting to flex our creative muscles!

Beginning the Renovation

Since this house is almost 100 years old in the heart of Calgary, we made sure to get an asbestos test done on various materials that we would have to remove. Luckily the test came back negative so we got to work on creating an opening in the wall and removing old plaster and framing.

Building the Custom Built in Library

Once the doors were installed into the opening we got to work on the built in bookcases. Firstly our cabinetmaker had cut all the pieces and spray lacquered them in his shop ahead of time. We then very carefully assembled everything into place for this custom built in library renovation.  The end result is a reading area that perfectly fits the space!

Lastly we needed to insert some hardwood into the floor where the wall used to be. It was tricky trying to match the well loved hardwood with the new material but we think the end result looks great.

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  • Custom Millwork
  • Large Amount of Storage

BUDGET: $17,000


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