Cedar Two Storey Deck Renovation

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The Renovation Story

There is something comforting about the smell of a freshly built cedar deck. This cedar two storey deck renovation features a custom cedar railing with black metal spindles, a closed singer staircase with riser boards and hidden fasteners throughout.

We arrived to a deck in Calgary that was past its prime and needed a full overhaul. Overall, our clients loved their backyard and wanted to make the most of it during the summer months. They needed an inviting deck where they could relax and entertain their guests. We didn’t stray far from the original size but we definitely added our FCC twist and attention to detail.

A two storey cedar deck renovation requires planning

The previous deck was nice and tall, providing enough headroom for a ground level deck below. Unfortunately, the original deck had a staircase that descended down in front of the lower deck. Sadly, it cut off the view of the beautiful and colourful garden. As a result the clients rarely used the lower level. We thought a set of stairs on the side of the deck would be much more aesthetically pleasing. Clearly it would open up the lower deck to their great backyard!

The cedar deck was a welcome renovation

The old deck was demolished then we started over with pressure treated structural elements and cedar as the finishing material. We used some special touches like Camo hidden fasteners to enable the smooth cedar decking to take center stage. We fabricated cedar plugs on site to hide the screw heads in the mitered railing corners. Black Ozco hardware was used to dress up the cedar cladded beam which matched nicely with the black rail spindles.

The clients have since hung string lights underneath the joists of the top deck which creates a cozy atmosphere for the lower area. What a great multi level space to enjoy during the summer to entertain friends and family! If you like what you see but want to dress up your deck a little more, then click here for an example of a pergola on a deck.


  • Cedar Deckboards
  • Custom Cedar Railing
  • Camo Hidden Fasteners

BUDGET: $16,000


This is a list of the companies that worked with us on this project.