Cedar Hog Wire Fence

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The Renovation Story

A lot of us may have taken up gardening as we have been spending more time at home. Like our client here in Calgary, wouldn’t it be amazing to share the wonderful vegetable and flower garden view with passersby? When we hear “Hog Wire Fence”, we often think of a wire-style fence that may well serve its purpose. However, they may not be particularly sturdy or have a high visual appeal. We are proud to say that this hog wire fence ticks all the desired boxes for our client.

The Vision

Our client envisioned a mesh garden fence that does not only act as a physical barrier. They wanted a fence that can allow their neighbors and joggers to enjoy the view of this beautiful garden that our client has nurtured in their backyard.  The elegant country-style design of this utility panel fence would surely spark warm conversations with the neighbors!

Building the Strong Cedar Hog Wire Fence

Our client had a 5-foot high, overgrown hedge with some sections covered with an old fence that we removed in 1 day. As the root of the hedge was quite extensive, we used a bobcat to make sure everything was completely pulled out and would prevent any grow-backs. For the main fence posts, we used sturdy 6×6 posts made of rough cedar, and smaller dimensions for the rails and fence boards. For the wire part of the garden fence itself, we used galvanized hog wire mesh panels. What made these panels special is that they were custom powder coated black which fosters the strong, yet elegant country look that we are going for.

Finishing the Fence

For the final touches, we installed chunky 6×6 cedar gate arbors complete with premium quality gate hardware. This installation is highly practical as it allows the client to open the gate one-handed from either side of the gate. This is perfect for when they are welcoming neighbors who would like to come in and visit their beautiful garden.


  • Custom Fence Design
  • Cedar material

BUDGET: $15,000


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