Cedar Deck and Pergola

cedar deck pergola

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The Renovation Story

As homeowners, we may have found ourselves in a patio/backyard rut – where we started by
putting a couch here, then maybe a few plants there and called it a day. You don’t need to have a
large backyard to be able to create a well-functioning entertainment area. This time, our client came
to us to look for a creative solution to an overused, but underdeveloped backyard. Our client loves
entertaining and barbequing long into the precious summer nights. This calls perfectly for a large
lounge area, with a strong cedar deck and pergola, complete with a barbecue kitchen and trellis. We
went with a cosy rustic look, which we get from the raw cedar and the concrete kitchen countertop.

Building the Cedar Deck and Pergola as well as the Glorious Cook’s Kitchen

This whole makeover only took 3 short weeks. We started by demolishing the old deck, which only
took a couple of days. We then augured holes into the ground for the concrete piles that form the
foundation, followed by installing the structure. These include the posts, beams, ledgers, and joists
–all made of pressure treated spruce. We also installed new sliding patio doors that open to the
seating area. Another important part was the skirting to block the view and critters from going under
the deck. After the cedar deck boards were installed, we erected the cedar pergola, and finished off
with the cook’s stainless steel gas barbecue station.

It’s All in The Details

To create an intimate ambience, we installed cedar trellis as privacy screens on both sides of the
fence. We placed one by the seating area, and another one by the outdoor kitchen. Guests would
want to stay longer with the warm lighting we integrated into the cedar beams. What also
completed the look are the shrubberies and the antique style lanterns that embellished the cedar
deck and pergola.

Now all we need are just the smell of barbecued steaks and some nice music to accompany the

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  • Cedar Deck
  • Cedar Pergola
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Built in Gas Barbecue
  • Concrete Countertop
  • Integrated Overhead Lighting
  • Privacy Screens

BUDGET: $25,000


This is a list of the companies that worked with us on this project.